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The focus of a veterinary wellness visit is on keeping the patient healthy. During our comprehensive wellness visits, we will examine your pet thoroughly, including assessing temperature, pulse, and breathing, checking its eyes, ears, nose and mouth (including teeth), performing abdominal and limb palpations, assessing the reproductive system, and checking skin and body condition. We will specifically focus on any areas of concern that you may have.
We will then address your pet’s individual needs such as:

Vaccination Requirements
• Parasite Checks and Intestinal Deworming
• Heartworm Testing and Prevention
• Microchipping
• Oral Health and Dentistry Needs
• Dietary Concerns; Nutritional Counseling
• Exercise and Activity Recommendations
• Indications for Pain/Arthritis Medications
• Indications for Wellness or Senior Blood Testing

We will also guide in you in the use of any current medications and/or supplements your pet may be taking.

We are the “family practitioner” for your pets – we want to become familiar with their medical history, special needs, and requirements. We will offer suggestions to you as to how to best give your pet a long and healthy life; we may recommend periodic blood testing, urine testing, radiographs, or monitoring for drug safety or new medications. Know that the time we dedicate to your and your pet makes a “routine” wellness exam anything but routine.

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