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About Us

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“Your dog doesn’t judge you and neither do we”

K9 Fit Club is a lifestyle company dedicated to creating good health, fitness, and wellness of dogs and their people. K9 Fit Club’s proprietary programs offer the time-saving aspect of working out with your dog while in a fun, safe and controlled environment.

If you are interested in signing up please email us your name, phone number, pet's name, fitness level, and reason for your interest in K9 Fit Club!  We will contact you with more information and to answer your questions.

Each trainer will be doing the “Begging for Beginners” class through October to get everyone and their pup use to the equipment and the program.  We will then add in other classes to chose from. 

There are only 4 spots available in each class, so please make your reservations as soon as possible

Owner, Master Trainer



Marta has been at WRAH with Dr. Combs and Dr. Hubert since 2001. However, she has known them and worked with them in the past since 1991. Marta started as a tech many moons ago and moved into the management and leadership side of the hospital. She is the Hospital Director of WRAH, Director of Sirius Fun Doggy Daycare and now has embarked on a new adventure in ownership, being co-owner of K9 Fit Club Greeley! She has 2 kids and many four-legged kids as well. They all keep her very busy. Marta’s journey to K9 Fit Club is a personal one. Diagnosed several years ago with diabetes type 1, she is making a lifestyle change. Along the way hoping to help others do the same and have fun while doing it!

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K9 Fit Club, “Just the Dog Class” is designed to help exercise their different
muscle groups, their core, and their brain. Our Master K9 Fitness Trainer will
take your dog’s fitness to the next level with cardio, strength and agility
exercises. Exercises will focus on the dog’s physical ability, their breed and
weight. The class is 45 minutes, with about 10 minutes of your dog getting to
know the trainer and the equipment so they feel comfortable and relaxed. The
dog must be over 7 months or 1 year for large breeds.
Dogs staying at Purrs and Paws Lodge have the option of signing up for the class
at a discounted rate. The class is normally offered at $45.00 /Hr. However! We
have an exclusive offer for our boarding dogs. This class is available now for
Boarding dogs only at $35.00 / hr. Contact Leigh at Purrs and Paws Lodge or
Marta for more details or to sign up!

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Liability Waiver

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