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VOM is a healing technology that re-establishes nerve communication in areas of an animal’s nervous system. VOM can treat conditions such as those listed above, and more. VOM is a new modality that exists between veterinary medicine and human chiropractic care, however, the differences between VOM and Chiropractic care are significant and distinct. VOM benefits from the positive aspects of both and thus is highly effective. VOM is accurate because it reduces neuronal subluxations. These subluxations have a pathological reflex associated with them. Assessing for these reflexes is an objective means to determine the presence of and reduction of subluxations. VOM uses a hand-held device called a “thumper” to reduce the neuronal subluxations. Drs. Colin Combs, James Ebner, and Jody Engel have all completed extensive additional training in acupuncture, and Dr. Combs is also trained in the performance of VOM on animals.

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