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Veterinary Student Externship Program

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We are pleased to announce that we are now accepting 3 rd and 4 th year veterinary students for full-time externship positions year-round! Our average externship typically lasts 2 weeks, but we are open to any length of time that your schedule will allow, including longer externships over summer and winter break. Students that would be a good fit are enthusiastic, thrive in a fast-paced environment, and have an interest in small animal and exotic general practice, urgent care, and surgery.

West Ridge Animal Hospital is a busy, AAHA-accredited, nine-doctor practice on the west side of the bustling rural city of Greeley, Colorado. We are open late on weekdays and have shortened hours on the weekends to be able to provide our clients with flexible care when they
need it. We have overnight hospitalization capabilities with overnight monitoring and treatments performed by our experienced assistants and technicians. We function primarily as a regular general practice with scheduled appointments for well and sick pets, but we are fortunate enough to have a dedicated urgent care team to take any day-of urgent appointments or perform emergency surgeries and procedures as needed. We have a doctor scheduled to perform routine surgeries Monday through Friday, and two of our doctors have a strong interest
in physical rehabilitation and acupuncture.

We have multiple traveling specialists that we commonly call in to help us with more advanced
diagnostics and procedures:

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-traveling radiologist for ultrasonography (performed several times weekly)
-board-certified surgeon for orthopedics and more advanced soft tissues surgeries such as
perineal urethrostomy or invasive mass removals (several times monthly)
-board-certified dentist for root canals or other advanced dental procedures (occasionally)

Common surgeries performed by our doctors:
-dental procedures
-mass removals/stelfonta injections for mast cell tumors
-laproscopic procedures such as gastropexy
-limb or digit amputations

Common urgent care presentations:
-foreign body/obstruction
-blocked tom cat
-diabetic ketoacidosis
-toxin ingestion
-parvovirus infection

Greeley is a growing city but it retains its rural feel – most things are out of walking distance. It would be best to have a car or other personal vehicle, though our side of the city is bicycle-friendly and ride-share services are available. We can provide housing at the Creek View apartments, which are directly across the street and within easy walking distance from our hospital. A 45-minute drive in any direction will take you to a different attraction – to the west are the mountains and the famous town of Estes Park featuring the Stanley Hotel, to the north is the college town of Fort Collins where Disney World’s main street is based off College Ave, and to the south is the mile-high city of Denver.


For more information or to schedule a visit, please contact our externship coordinator,

Dr. Levenduski, at

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