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As general practitioners with specific interests, our experienced veterinary team is able to diagnose and treat dogs, cats, birds, and exotic animals with medical concerns in nearly every area of internal medicine. These may include: Cardiology (heart disease), Respiratory Medicine (lung and airway disease), Endocrinology (thyroid, diabetes, and steroid-related diseases), Dermatology (skin diseases), Orthopedic Diseases (bones and joints), Neurology (nervous system diseases), Gastroenterology (stomach and intestinal diseases), Organ Diseases (including kidney, liver, pancreas, and reproductive organs), Oncology (cancer treatment), and Pediatric Medicine to name a few.

In addition, we are able to treat animals with specific concerns in Ophthalmology (eye diseases), Dentistry (including cleanings, dental radiographs and tooth extractions), and Rehabilitative Medicine (post operative rehab, arthritic degeneration, physical therapy and underwater treadmill therapy).

In our hospital, we have an in-house laboratory for immediate test results when necessary, and have the option of sending tests out to animal laboratories for overnight results. The nearby CSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital in Fort Collins offers diagnostic testing options as well. We can take immediate digital radiographs of your pet, which are reviewed by our doctors, as well as board-certified radiologists and surgeons. With this type of media, we are able to e-mail or record on CD any radiographs we wish to send to specialists, other veterinarians, and/or owners when indicated. We have board-certified ultrasound specialists at our clinic at once a week (or more often), to perform ultrasound or echocardiogram studies when needed.

Should it be necessary for your pet to stay with us, we have separate hospitalization wings for dogs and cats, and an ICU for more intensive monitoring. We are able to assess your pet’s hydration, blood pressure, ECG, organ function and blood counts, and pain status when needed, and make immediate changes if necessary to better treat our patients.

We want you to feel comfortable in knowing that your pet will receive the best care possible at West Ridge Animal Hospital, whether it is treatment for a routine illness, or the diagnosis of a more serious condition. Please feel free to speak with our medical staff at any time regarding your special companions.

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