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A patient who presents to our hospital with a specific illness or injury will be treated in an individualized manner. A nurse will take you and your pet to an examination room, away from other distractions or pets. They will listen to your concerns, and perform a rapid vital sign assessment. The doctor will then complete a thorough physical examination on your pet, focusing on your areas of concern and identifying any abnormalities. We will then put together a diagnostic and treatment plan specifically for your animal, and will discuss with you in detail any test results and how we feel we can best help your pet, as well as provide you with an estimate of fees for our recommended procedures.

At our hospital, we have the ability to assess blood tests immediately in-house, to take digital radiographs, to administer intravenous medications or fluids, to perform general anesthesia or sedation, and to perform emergency surgery as needed. We have hospitalization wards for dogs, cats, exotics animals, and an intensive care unit, oxygen cages, and an isolation ward. We will have certified nursing staff performing diagnostic tests and caring for your pet every step of the way.

If your pet requires daily or overnight hospitalization or a drop-off appointment, we will communicate with you effectively throughout its stay, giving you frequent updates as to the medical condition, surgical recovery if relevant, and encourage client visitations if indicated. Once your pet is release we will provide you with clear home care instructions, and follow up with you once your pet has been settled back at home.

Remember, if your pet is here for an illness or injury, we pledge to do our very best to serve you and to provide your pets with the care they deserve.

Think your pet might need to the see a doctor? Request an appointment here.

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